The Proceedings of this workshop appeared in the Springer book series Tutorials, Schools, and Workshops in the Mathematical Sciences and can be found HERE.

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Workshop library catalogue (paperback)

  1. An Introduction to Basic Fourier Series by S. K. Suslov
  2. An Introduction to Orthogonal Polynomials by Chihara T.S.
  3. Basic Hypergeometric Series by Gasper G., Rahman M.
  4. Bessel Polynomials by E. Grosswald
  5. Classical and Quantum Orthogonal Polynomials in One Variable by M. E. H. Ismail
  6. Classical Orthogonal Polynomials of a Discrete Variable by A.F. Nikiforov, S.K. Suslov, V.B. Uvarov
  7. Hypergeometric orthogonal polynomials and their q-analogues by Koekoek R., Lesky P.A., Swarttouw R.F.
  8. NIST Handbook of mathematical Functions by F.W.J. Olver, D.W. Lozier, R.F. Boisvert, C.W. Clark
  9. Orthogonal Polynomials by G. Szegö
  10. Orthogonal Polynomials and Painlevé Equations by Walter Van Assche
  11. Orthogonal Polynomials and Random Matrices: A Riemann-Hilbert Approach by Percy Deift
  12. Orthogonal Polynomials of Several Variables by C.F. Dunkl, Y. Xu
  13. Quantum Calculus (Universitext) 1st Edition by V. Kac, P. Cheung
  14. Special Functions by E. D. Rainville
  15. Special Functions by G. E. Andrews, R. Askey, R. Roy
  16. Special Functions of Mathematical Physics: A Unified Introduction with Applications by A.F. Nikiforov, V.B. Uvarov