Wissen für Afrika: Entwicklungshilfe mit Mathematik

Ein Mathematiker der Universität Kassel unterstützt afrikanische Wissenschaftlerinnen und Wissenschaftler mit kostenlosen Seminaren zu Computeralgebra und Orthogonalen Polynomen. Das Projekt „Wissen für morgen“ soll die Wissenschaft und mittelbar auch die Wirtschaft auf jenem Kontinent voranbringen; es wird von der Volkswagenstiftung mit rund 200.000 Euro finanziert Read More...

TV report by DBS TV

Press Release by Cameroon Tribune: Computer Algebra - Academics Build Capacity

It has become imperative to get a big number of young creative people to the state where they are able to develop powerful and higher quality software.

Young academics from across Africa have been updated on the great potential of the modern tool, computer algebra, in learning, teaching and researching of mathematical sciences.

120 mathematicians from 25 African and European countries (Cameroon inclusive) were introduced to the technology during a workshop in Douala opened by the German Ambassador in Cameroon, Dr. Hans-Dieter Stell. The participants were young African PhD students, postdoctoral students and junior lecturers who listened to renowned world experts in computer algebra with the goal of making use of the importance of higher level mathematical thinking in the process of software development.

Co-organised by the African Institute for Mathematical Sciences Cameroon (AIMS Cameroon) and the University of Kassel in Germany with funds from the Volkswagen Foundation in Germany, the workshop sought to build the capacity of junior scientists to take over and popularise and continue to train their colleagues in their home universities. The importance of the Douala workshop is found in the fact that countries and companies which have better educated people in this direction will lead the economy's development. Furthermore, computer mathematics plays a central and essential role in that it is the basis for everything that is happening today for the development of the most advanced layer of software which is penetrating economy.

Centre President of AIMS Cameroon, Mama Foupouagnigni, noted that for Africa to develop, the African youth should master mathematical sciences well enough to be able to develop solutions to relevant development problems in society and industry. Read More...